We Made It to Round Two!

You may be asking round two of what? ABC made it to Round 2 of Messiah College’s Impact Venture Challenge! Now up until a few weeks ago I was not sure even what an “Impact Venture” was, but now I do. An Impact Venture is a business that brings in an income but also wants to make an impact in their community.

For ABC this resonates so perfectly and so precisely with our mission. ABC at the core seeks “To provide a safe space for play, exploration, and adventure in visual art in an environment outside of the general education classroom.” Our community that we want to impact are the under privileged, the students who never got art in school — the kids that need art the most.

Right now we are working on our Business Plan and grappling with how best to proceed and develop our group. Should we become a for-profit entity? Should we become a non-profit entity? Should we try a hybrid model? How will Impact Venture Challenge effect our expansion plans? We are almost asking: where will this take us?

But that is one of the most exciting things about this challenge, to paraphrase Maya Angelo (our motto and our mantra): we won’t use up our creativity because the more you use, the more you have. Impact Venture is already pushing ABC to expand in so many wonderful ways, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. Bring on Round 3.

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