Why a butterfly?

The following is an excerpt from Dani’s Field Journal about her why she and Ally chose the butterfly in our logo–dated August 6, 2016.

“Today, I finished a painting of a swan I titled ‘Le Petite Cygne’ or ‘The Little Swan.’ As I was working I reflected upon why, when choosing a design for ABC, I chose a butterfly. Growing up, I was obsessed with butterflies. I had butterfly sheets, butterfly curtains, butterfly wall art, I caught butterflies, we got a butterfly bush–the whole nine yards. As I grew up, I put the butterflies away, though I still loved their presence. By my sophomore year [of college], butterflies were the last thing on my mind amidst the challenges and curve balls life threw my way. But when asked for an idea for a design instinctively I said: ‘a simple butterfly.’ Why? I put them in the childhood closet. Life is too serious for butterflies! … no.”

“Life goes up and down and all around. Life is constantly metamorphasizing. Life is finding your dreaming wings, and feeling and struggling until you learn how to use them. Life is being stuck in a dark place just hopelessly waiting for a miracle to break you out. Life is trusting that what’s on the other side of this change is better than what you have now. Life is short. We are small–constantly tossed by resistance. But by-God, we are beautiful. And ‘in the face of life, the true dream is being able to dream'(Grey’s Anatomy)”.

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