Meet the Team: Lindsey

lmp-0276An interview with Lindsey, our Business Liaison:

*Why your major? What got you interested? What is the story behind picking your major?

Throughout high school, I was always enrolled in art classes and business classes. When it came time to think about what I wanted to do for college, I chose business because I wasn’t sure where exactly an art degree would take me. Being someone who was a lover of photography, design, art, and the business world, I didn’t want to give up the creative side of myself. After I visited Messiah, I poked around a little more on the website and stumbled upon the degree for Art Business and I never looked back! I feel like the Art Business degree is a perfect blend of studios and business classes. My goal with this major is to help those in the art field navigate the business world, which is something not everyone is aware of.

*Why ABC? How do you see ABC being where your passion and the world’s deep hunger meeting? How has ABC impacted you?

Simply put, I just love ABC. When I heard Ally and Dani discussing ABC and what their goals were during that meeting with the Career Center, I could see their passion for art and serving others. Art is such an important aspect of life, even though it’s overlooked. A lot of people view art as a simple subject as drawing or paint on paper. The passion and emotion in art are so intriguing. I’ve always wanted to help others understand and navigate the world of art. Art and artists can be extremely intimidating, but I want everyone to see how art encompasses all aspects of life.

ABC has given me an insight to art services I have never experienced before. Dani, Ally, and Katy have been a constant support system. Whether it’s meetings about ABC, ideas about locations that would benefit from art, or discussions of everyday life…I can’t thank them enough for involving me! I can’t wait to see how much more ABC impacts my life.

*Who got you interested in art?

My freshman year of high school I was in art class with a bunch of students who had no appreciation for art and it’s process. They were simply trying to survive the required Art 1 class. Being a quiet and shy person who obsesses over grades and such, I finished all my assignments early and eagerly waited for my teacher to give me another topic. Ms. Haak constantly pushed me and had me submit work for competitions, while the rest of my class slept not the floor (not kidding here-the student who sat next to me slept almost every day). I was so hurt for my teacher. She had an obvious passion and love for art, while her students ignored and mistreated her. But, she made me fall in love with art by her simple kindness and encouragement.

*Who is your favorite artist?

Gustav Klimt–I know he’s commercialized but seriously I’m obsessed

*What are your plans after college? What are your future hopes and dreams?

I’m one of those people who plan lightly. I always say to never make a plan and have your heart set on it, because it never happens the way you want it to. I’ve battled with the idea of going to get my Masters in Education after undergraduate graduation. But, I’m not set on the idea. I’d love to see where ABC goes and grows.

As a small business owner (wedding photography), I am already booking into 2018, I hope to continue to slowly grow my business. Serving brides and grooms on their wedding day is such a special gift. But, I would love the opportunity to work in an art gallery or museum. Whether that be in a small gallery outside Harrisburg or Baltimore..or in the city of New York, I can’t wait to see where God takes me.

*What are your hobbies? What are you doing when you aren’t studying?

My hobbies are photography, crafting, and reading. I love photography! But, I am an introvert and enjoy staying in all day to read my favorite book (The Hunger Games). I also love to craft and create, which is another outlet for my personal art.

To view some of her photography work, check out her website here.

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