Our Office: A Misnomer

With two months until the finale of Impact Venture Challenge, we thought we would take a moment and reflect of all the places we have set up “shop” to be our office. The criteria? Well, four chairs, a table, some outlets, coffee, and the team. We joke so much that we have many offices and that we should share just how many we actually have!

1. The Art Education Room


IMG_5138The Art Department at Messiah has been supportive of ABC since day one. In the fall we used the Art Education Room to host an information session about ABC and recruit volunteers. That meeting in the fall lead to six new volunteers and a new active location. Today, that room is a home base for us to discuss and catch up about how things are going.

2. The Union

Even though we don’t have a picture…the Union has been our go-to for quick meetings. We have sat down in the Union for as quick as 20 minutes to get the team up to speed to over an hour going over decisions. Essentially, those short meetings as the Union keep us in the loop and sane.

3. Climmahega Drawing Studio


There have been many nights and mornings after doing art and reflecting together, we have come together to refine, to correct, and to perfect our business plan for IVC. As with all meetings, we have learned this year that sometimes we get to make really easy decisions like colors and art supplies, and we get to make really hard decisions too, like how much stake we each have in ABC.

4. The Library

IMG_5274IMG_5520For those days where we don’t get to do art before our meetings… we go to the library. Some days we just need to focus and dig into business plan changes. The library is much more quiet than the Union, but it still has coffee and snacks for all our needs.

5. Boyer Resource Rooms

IMG_5275For those times when need a “meeting of [all] the minds,” we will find the first open resource room and get to work. Pictured here was in the Fall right before Christmas Break where we fleshed out homework. Our ladies did such a great job writing cover letters and getting their clearances before contacting our new locations. At Messiah College, we have a couple of buzz-phrases and one is being intentional. Following that example at ABC we seek to be intentional in our interventions and make sure our volunteers are professionally prepared even before contacting a location.

6. Mac Lab

IMG_5548Big shoutout to Caris Ciccarello to filming our beautiful ABC video! The weeks leading up to finishing our video, there were many afternoons and nights some of us would meet in the Mac Lab to talk and discuss music and narrative of the video. The end result you can watch on our home page! In these last few months waiting for the results of IVC, you’ll be sure to find us around campus discussing our business plan, talking to new volunteers, and reflecting on our experiences in the field.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

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