What IVC has taught ABC…

With the Impact Venture Challenge (IVC) 2017 Finale being only two nights away, I (Katy) thought I could share some of the lessons IVC has taught Art Beyond the Classroom this year. At the beginning of Junior year, Ally, Dani, Lindsey, and I met to discuss how and what ABC would look like in the coming year. We divided up tasks, and then Dani shared her final idea. Let’s go for Impact Venture Challenge… we all paused… and said “Sure!” I am so glad we have gone on this journey because ABC has grown immensely because of.

Have an answer, and always have a REASON for that answer. We have to thank the guidance of the students and faculty on the IVC Advisory Board, who have coached and guided our young venture along the way. Each and every decision, whether what we projected our revenue to be or why we bought jackets, we needed a reason why. The revenue was based on the number of locations, and we decided to buy jackets to unify our volunteers and increase brand recognition.

Know your client. Know your target audience. Ever since the beginning of my Graphic Design career in high school, I have heard these two sayings. At ABC we are marketing to several target audiences for different purposes. The channels of Instagram and word-of-mouth function to recruit volunteers from Messiah’s campus. The website, word-of-mouth, and our direct contact function to meet and connect with possible new ABC locations. Lastly, we are marketing to the Impact Venture Challenge, which is a diverse group made up of students and faculty (Round 1-3), and professionals (Finale). IVC has challenged ABC to engage with these multiple channels in order to market a creative and professional service.

Have an elevator pitch. The beginning to a good pitch starts with a good elevator pitch. From day one of IVC, we were probed: what is your venture in 30 seconds or less? Essentially, you are in the elevator with someone for less than a minute, how would you explain what you do? The first time this was asked I was still developing how I would explain ABC. But today, I can tell and talk about each word of our mission statement and give my own short little elevator pitch.

In a nutshell (or in an elevator): ABC is a relational aesthetic-based intervention program based out of central Pennsylvania. We intervene in locations with hard or difficult circumstances and allow students to have a place for play within the context of art-making. We currently have two locations, and we are looking to expand more.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for continued support!

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