Farther Along…

When I (Katy) came to college, I found a beautiful song that described all my fears about college, but directed me back to God. The chorus of “Farther Along” goes “Farther along we’ll know all about it / Farther along we’ll understand why / Cheer up my brothers we will live in the sunshine” (Josh Garrels). Garrels directs us to look towards the Father for guidance and reasons for why something happens. Even though we did not win Impact Venture Challenge this past weekend, we are so excited for the next steps that are in store for us. Farther along we will understand the plan in store for ABC, and in the meantime we took some time to reflect together.

This morning we had an impromptu ABC breakfast picnic. Surprisingly, it was cold and we were in cardigans and hoodies! Nonetheless, it is was so good to wind down together with all the girls and reflect on some of our favorite memories from the past year. Some memories included ABC, some how they had grown this year, and also some about solidifying calling and vocation. I am truly thankful for the beautiful community ABC has become, and I am excited to see what is in our future.


Thank you again to everyone who has supported us during Impact Venture Challenge! If you are interested in supporting us more please contact us at artbeyondtheclassroom@gmail.com . We currently are accepting monetary and art supply donations.

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