Peace in the Chaos

While Katy is studying abroad for a couple of weeks, I (Ally) am taking over our blogging… so get ready for some deep thinking because I am letting my mind wander!

Lately, I have been challenging myself to just “Let God.” Now, what exactly does this mean?

The idea behind “Let God,” to me, means to give up your reigns and place your full trust and intent into God’s hands. Sometimes, I still struggle to trust that He has my best interests in mind, and I want to remain in control of my life or the outcome of certain events. Over time, I have learned that the harder I try to control a situation, the more out of control I feel. Therefore, my attempts are counterproductive and hinder my faithfulness in God’s love for me and others.

With that said, the idea to “Let God” goes hand-in-hand with the future of ABC. I think I can speak for all four of us when I say I catch myself dreaming B I G about what is to come for spreading our services. I do it all the time, and sometimes, I find myself trying to plan out EXACTLY how I want it to happen… but no matter how much I try to “schedule” ABC’s lifespan, things generally take a 180 and I find us heading in another direction before I can blink.

I think I am learning to love God’s little surprises, though, along the way.

If you asked me what I thought I would be doing now prior to my freshman year of college, I would NEVER have imagined that ABC would even exist. I would have thought I’d be a typical college student, maybe involved in some clubs, but I had no idea I would assist in creating a program. Even if we back-track to when it was just Dani and me, casually sliding into a friendship (that changed my life!!) that created a partnership that simultaneously designed ABC, we had zero inkling that ABC would become something so much bigger than ourselves. God’s hand has relentlessly guided our hearts to allow our program to flourish in ways we did not know were possible.

Almost two years ago (our sophomore year), God called us to create an expansion initiative, and through countless hours of dreaming, planning, and listening for His voice, we grew in Leadership members the following year (just this past year) AND added volunteers.
Yes, I realize I am repeating everything you have probably heard over the course of our journey, blah blah blah, but wow. Letting God work through all four of us (Leadership Team) in His time at His pace, instead of us seeking to please Him (His gifts of grace and love are not gifts we earn, rather they are free gifts that equip us to better serve His people) allows us to genuinely find joy in serving others, work as a team of leaders, and spread the word about the needs of God’s Kingdom, rather than our deeds “checking off a box” for everyday life. When we allow God to take the reins of our lives, of ABC, and when we give up our perceived “power” to Him, before our eyes, He will do great [things through us and for us], for He promises these for us.

If we all fought to schedule our entire lives, the way we think we want them to be, we would not have time to admire the way that God has already designed our hearts and the moments ahead. We would constantly be in battle with the One who gave it all. Sure, I still struggle to do this every day, but we can all challenge each other to find peace in His will for our lives.

That’s not to say don’t dream… that means dream B I G G E R, T A L L E R, and W I D E R, because God may fulfill your wishes, if they align with His calling for your life, in ways even better than your mind ever planned, and in ways that will leave your hearts longing for more of Him.

Letting God means, allowing Him to use your life to be exactly where you need to be, exactly when you need to be there. That’s the key to finding peace in the chaos, because where you are, right this second, may very well be exactly where you will bloom tomorrow.

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