A Day in the Life with an ABC Volunteer

Ever wonder how our volunteers fit ABC into their busy college lives? Dani Kepner, co-founder and volunteer, shares what goes on during typical day volunteering and doing her college coursework.

7:30 AM – My alarm rings… and I hit snooze… then by 7:40 I actually roll out of bed and throw on the volunteering gear.

8:30 AM – I have quick breakfast in the apartment — a granola bar.

8:40 AM – Ally texts saying she is running late, but she is normally is right on time! (I’m just always early!)

8:52 AM – Ally’s big red car pulls up to Frey Apartments, and it is time for car ride catch-up time. This is always a really nice time.

9:20 AM – Pull onto the Medical Center Campus.

9:25 AM – Find a parking spot in Timbuktu…

9:30 AM – Waltz into the Children’s Hospital —┬áright on time!

9:30:15 AM – Sign in to the volunteer log and smile at the security guard.

9:31 AM – Punch in the Kitchen Code to our “Office” and get the art cart out of its “parking spot.”

9:32 AM – Create a plan of action: Where do we need to go first? Priorities? Notes? How will we split up? Will we split up? Any groups?

9:33 AM – Knock on the first door/doors. Say, “Hello! My name is ______ and I am here with the Art Cart! Would you be interested in doing an art project with me?”

(Continue until 11:30)

11:40 AM – Ally and I realize we really need to leave because Ally has a class and we actually aren’t allowed to stay here all day (unfortunately).

11:43 AM – Turn in our chart to our supervisors and chat about how things went.

11:45 AM – Finally, make our way downstairs to sign out.

11:50 AM – Hop in the car to go home to Messiah.

12:22 PM – Ally is kind enough to drop me off at my room and makes it just in time to go to class!

12:30 PM – The day continues for Ally and I as normal, but we are A) exhausted from expending most of our energy with those kids, and B) we are forever impacted by the amazingly courageous lives we met that morning.

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