How ABC Helped Me Apply For Grad School

IMG_2606Over Fall Break I, Katy, was staring at my computer reading over graduate school prompts wondering what am I going to write about? How will I showcase my talents outside of the classroom in a way that would be appealing to admissions counselors? Should I write about dance? No, there would be too much to explain. Should I write about my trip to Brazil? No, they probably read a lot about semesters and trips abroad. Then I thought: how about ABC competing in Impact Venture Challenge (IVC)? Hmm, I thought, that might just work.

For the rest of Fall Break I brainstormed and wrote how IVC had impacted my communication skills and how I perceive ABC’s target market. Even though IVC pushed the more “communications” side of my English degree, it still highlighted my close reading and writing skills.

Throughout the challenge one of the skills I frequently had to tap into was perseverance. Some times that meant going to the Mac Lab late at night and staying even later or even going to the Mac Lab early in the morning. Seriously, I went there during chapel one time because I knew a class would not be meeting there. These frequent trips to the Mac Lab were due to saving our logo in the correct file name, correct file size, creating a slogan, and always having our graphics up to date.

While I was writing my graduate school personal statements I made sure to outline my commitment and leadership skills demonstrated by my participation in IVC. Thanks ABC! I’ll let you know if I get in!

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