Twenty-Two: Reading and Dreaming

As the Art Beyond the Classroom leadership team looks to the future for jobs, graduate schools, and start-up business ideas we have been reading Allison Trowbridge’s book Twenty-Two. She writes the book in the form of letters from the perspective of a mentor to a college aged student; in the letters she laughs and cries along with dear Ashley during her college career.

As I have been reading, I have been struck by the narrator’s poise, wisdom, and down-to-earth writing. Writing with maturity and grace, she says “To become a joyful adult, one must grow in experience and wisdom without losing one’s childlike wonder” (71). As I look into graduate school, I hope to grow in experience within my field, while maintaining my curiosity. As we decide next steps for ABC, we look to professionals for mentoring while maintaining our mission. And although we may have ups and downs along the way Trowbridge reminds us in her book to seek relationships with those we can talk about our hopes and dreams.

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