Grounded in the theoretical constructs of Teaching for Artistic Behavior, Art Beyond the Classroom (ABC) specifically targets facilities for children in difficult and unique circumstances which are lacking (or have no access to) a visual arts education and/or materials for creative expression. Through the provided prompts and activities, the goal for each participant is to “record life’s beauty in the face of overwhelming circumstances, (find) a lifeline to stability, (explore) a place for wishes and fantasies, and (make) a connection to humanity in the face of inhumanity, (Malchiodi, p. 134).” The Six Directives of ABC are existent to begin defining what art can be through the therapeutic lens set for each session (whether it be group or individual). They include:

Art is Adventure—particularly explores art as a process and product interdependently.
Art is Courageous—introduces the intrapersonal nature of art-making.
Art is a Story—further personalizing the process of creating art that can convey concept, theme, and metaphor.
Art is Inspiring—establishes the concept that enthusiasm towards art has the ability to give someone a renewed sense of strength, worth, and motivation.
Art is Collaborative—aims to expand the intrapersonal view to an interpersonal view of art and consider the teamwork and communication that creativity allows.
Art is Discovery—art as an educational tool for the self and for others, open to exploration.