Close Reading: Our Slogan

In the field of English, what I (Katy) study, when we talk about analyzing a minute detail we say we are “close reading.” When we began Impact Venture Challenge last Fall our slogan was the beautiful quote from Maya Angelo: “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use the more you have.” Sadly though, it was too long to be a traditional slogan, so we changed it… in one night. But I love what we came up with.
Cultivating imagination. Emboldening young voices.
Cultivating rather than fostering imagination nuances our desire for ABC services to hep the imagination grow. As we return to locations, like a farmer returning to his field, we tend to the budding imagination of the kids we work with. Our lessons intentionally help students ask questions about their work to push their imaginations.
“Emboldening young voices” is the product of the careful cultivation. Emboldening is equipping kids with boldness to express—in art making—things that are hard for them. This expression is the first step, and we hope to embolden them to express in speaking, writing, drawing, etc. as well. Each word was carefully chosen to evoke certain images and explain our purpose for ABC.

Meet the Team: Katy

lmp-0215Katy Trice (me!) is the ABC’s Media Coordinator, which means she is in charge of sharing ABC’s story. Currently, she maintains our WordPress blog with the help of our Historian and posts to our Instagram. Katy has been a Graphic Designer since high school, and even though she did not pursue Digital Media in college she still loves to create in any way possible. Her major actually is English with a Secondary Teaching Certificate. To her, English and Media are intertwined. To be a good designer you also have to communicate through the art, whether that art is digital, text, photo, graphic, etc.

She became a part of ABC when Dani and her became friends in a college class, and Dani mentioned that she needed a logo for this internship. Katy chimed in that she could make one, and did Dani have any idea what she wanted. Dani suggested a butterfly because life is always changing and needs small miracles like butterflies. Some designs in the works include logos and slogans for each of our locations, and clothing designs.

ABC is a way for Katy pursue and share her love of art through sharing ABC’s story. She has a passion for children–hence the Teaching Certificate. And not only is she contributing to ABC, but ABC is contributing to her growth as a Teaching professional by learning education styles and philosophies from her creative peers within the program.


Why a butterfly?

The following is an excerpt from Dani’s Field Journal about her why she and Ally chose the butterfly in our logo–dated August 6, 2016.

“Today, I finished a painting of a swan I titled ‘Le Petite Cygne’ or ‘The Little Swan.’ As I was working I reflected upon why, when choosing a design for ABC, I chose a butterfly. Growing up, I was obsessed with butterflies. I had butterfly sheets, butterfly curtains, butterfly wall art, I caught butterflies, we got a butterfly bush–the whole nine yards. As I grew up, I put the butterflies away, though I still loved their presence. By my sophomore year [of college], butterflies were the last thing on my mind amidst the challenges and curve balls life threw my way. But when asked for an idea for a design instinctively I said: ‘a simple butterfly.’ Why? I put them in the childhood closet. Life is too serious for butterflies! … no.”

“Life goes up and down and all around. Life is constantly metamorphasizing. Life is finding your dreaming wings, and feeling and struggling until you learn how to use them. Life is being stuck in a dark place just hopelessly waiting for a miracle to break you out. Life is trusting that what’s on the other side of this change is better than what you have now. Life is short. We are small–constantly tossed by resistance. But by-God, we are beautiful. And ‘in the face of life, the true dream is being able to dream'(Grey’s Anatomy)”.